Drivers College Bundaberg


The driver education programs at Drivers College are specifically designed to be from basic to skilled and easy to learn with all tutorials presented at the beginning of each program. Unlike most driver education program when the driving skills are interrupted during each segment to present tutorial section. Educators at Drivers College reinforce the segments learnt in the tutorials whilst doing the driver education, truly, hands-on driver education provided through out the programs. Students at Drivers College gain real driving time with this process instead of being interrupted when trying to learn the control skills needed to actually gain the experience of driving.

Pathway to your L’s: This is the basic driver education program designed specifically for novice pre learner permit drivers. It gives the students a basic tutorial section before they proceed to the maintenance vehicle to learn “what makes a vehicle operate” and the vehicle checks that they should make. A great starter program for 14- 15 year old youths.

Pathway to Safer Driving: The best available 2 day hands-on program for students from 15.5 to P plates. After the tutorial and vehicle maintenance sections it’s all Hands-on driving including great techniques. Hands on Wheel, Cornering, Roundabouts, Hills, Traffic signs and lights, Braking on a Variety of Surfaces, Pulse braking procedures, Brake and evade at a variety of speeds, Reversing, Reverse parking, Steering control, Forward and reverse slalom plus much more. Extremely cost effective program

Top-up to your P’s: This is a new and exciting program for those learner permit holders with approx. 90 hours in their log book or about to go for their license test. A comprehensive 1 day program that’s designed to ensure that your skills are at the level required to sit for your test and information on questions that you may need to know. Also a “top-up” on your driving skills that you may be tested upon. At the end of this course you may book the Drivers College car to go for your driving test. ( this is FREE after you complete this program).

Defensive Driving program: Learn all the advanced skills in a defensive driving program that are required, emergence braking, pulse braking, braking with ABS failure, brake and evade, skid control, forward and reverse slalom, change of surface, hazard avoidance and awareness fatigue control and much more. To participate in this program the student must have held their P Plates for a minimum of 6 months with on road experience, this is a fantastic program with life saving modules and enhanced muscle memory for future driving.

Another section of Drivers College driver education complex. The complex is copyright design with our exclusive “grid” pattern to give better low to high speed education.

Caravan Towing: Caravan towing driver education at drivers college covers all the essentials required to tow a caravan safely on our roads if followed. The program has been developed through research with many other trailer towing programs available from other supplier, online from all states in Australia and internationally. Covering: Hookup, Equipment on Towing Vehicle, Caravan Loading, Ball and Caravan Weighs, Towing load for Towing Vehicles, Braking, Emergency Braking, Reversing and Reverse Parking, Sway Correction and Tutorial plus more.