Drivers College Bundaberg


At Drivers College we cater for all drivers, Pre Learners, Learners, Driving Schools, Adults Drivers, Senior Mature Adults, Disadvantage Drivers, Professional Drivers, Corporate Drivers, and specialized driver programs.

Drivers College is a Not for Profit entity operated by specially trained volunteers to provide all students the confidence and driver education required to provide them with skills needed when driving. Learner Driver, Pre Learner Drivers and P Plate drivers are taught with our special programs to reduce their trauma and increase skills for their new driving experiences

Students from the age of 15 years (Pre Learner Permit) are invited to do driver education at Drivers College as we cater for all age of students up to and including senior mature adults. No learner permit is required for any of our basic programs, however, for some specialized programs such as Defensive Driving and Corporate Driver program some conditions apply.

All of Drivers College programs have been developed to suit the requirement of the students and their abilities from basic to advanced including Pathway to your L’s, Pathway to Safer Driving, Defensive Driving, Caravan and Trailer Towing, Trauma Driver Affected, Challenge to Change and special designed programs to meet specific needs. Drivers College also provide 4 x 4 Driver Training.

The programs are vigorously researched and tested by our driver education professionals and qualified driver instructors prior to their introduction as a program to be use with any students and continually updated to move with new road rules as implemented from time to time. The Drivers College program are unique and use the best currently recognized “collaborative learning experience gained in a small group module”, plus muscle memory to achieve the highest results possible. A maximum of 3 student per educator as recommended by most universities is used when training at Drivers College.